The 5 Best Compost Tumblers of 2017 – A Must add Equipment in your Gardening Tools

Do you find it too difficult to mix up compost for your soil? Maintaining your garden can be a hectic job which is why we try to find possible ways that can make your life easier. Look at some best compost tumblers, so you will have ease in managing your garden.



Product Name



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Envirocycle Composting Tumbler



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Yimby Tumbler Composter



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HOT FROG Dual Body Tumbling Composter



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Good Ideas EZCJR-BLK



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Jora Compost Tumbler


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What Is a Compost Tumbler?

A compost tumbler is a machine made to be used for managing gardens and backyards. It is made for people who are keen to maintain their garden in the best way possible.

This is why they use compost for healthier soil. Compost is a mixture of decaying material, helpful as a fertilizer for plants and soil. Since it acts as a fertilizer, it gives good health to plants and soil.

Commonly, we throw away banana peels, potato skins and other related things in the bin while they can be a useful medium for plants. This machine is used to mix all composting materials together to make a fertile mixture of plants. It is entirely sealed, favoring the composting process.

best compost tumblers - what is compost tumbler

Pros and Cons of Using a Compost Tumbler


Looking at some advantages first, we are brought towards the fact that compost tumblers are held high above the ground due to the mixing process.

This height is helpful because it lets rats stay away from the compost material you are about to make. There is no involvement done.

This height is also beneficial for people who have issues with their back.

Using a tall compost tumbler can let you stay away from back ache. Compost tumblers do not require much space for mixing.

It can be kept in a small place with completing your task.


The disadvantages are such that the tumbler requires a certain amount of time for processing because it needs the materials to break down.

Also, you will have to get rid of the resultant material (other than compost).

They are not suitable for winters because not enough heat is generated in colder weathers. Some nutrients you will get will vary.

You will not always get the desired amount of nutrients.

Things to Consider When Buying a Compost Tumbler

Because you are here purchase a compost tumbler, you must first understand the essentials of this product. It is evident that no one goes on with the purchase of a product without knowing little details about it. Therefore, below you will find some things you must review when you go out purchase a compost tumbler. Make a checklist, so you do not miss out on any object.

  • Capacity:

This is the first thing you will have to come across when you are buying a compost tumbler. While negotiating, you will be told about the capacity that compost tumbler can hold in. A general compost tumbler will have a capacity from 7 to 20 cubic feet. Lesser than this calculation will require more time from the user if they want to get more compost material. Some capacities will always be a benefit.

  • Durability:

It is a factor every person looks for in every product they want to buy. Every customer wishes their product to last as long as possible. With a compost tumbler, you will have to check the material it is made from. You will have to check whether it is secure enough to hold compost in it.

best compost tumblers - Things to consider when buying a compost tumbler
  • Odor:

It is a fact that compost material contains some bad smell because it is entirely made from waste materials. While buying a compost tumbler, make sure the particular model controls the odor of equipment inside. No person would like the bad smell to spread in surrounding areas.

  • Pesticides:

The process of breaking down of waste materials cannot be completed if there is some involvement from pesticides. The process is prolonged. Considering this fact, you must check for the compost tumbler to have a feature where it keeps pesticides out when the process is going on.

  • Cost:

The price of a suitable compost tumbler will be around $500 only. Anything too high than this amount will not be good in your pocket, hence choose wisely.

How to Use a Compost Tumbler?

Just a few steps can lead you to the best compost material for use.

Firstly, you will have to place the waste materials you gathered earlier inside the compost tumbler. The quantity should be balanced in such a way that they should contain a reasonable amount of carbon and nitrogen in it.

Make sure you keep pesticides away from the compost tumbler otherwise the process of breaking down will be hindered.

Once you have completed these steps, you can close the lid to start the process. After the required time, you will receive the compost to be spread over soil or plant.

5 Best Compost Tumblers Reviews

#1 - Envirocycle Composting Tumbler

best compost tumblers - Envirocycle Composting Tumbler

Envirocycle’s compost tumbler is stated as the most beautiful of products on Amazon regarding its style and design. Not only its style is appreciated, but its performance is considered to be of class. It comes with a five-year warranty card along with other remarkable features. Let us have a look at what it has got for us.


  • This compost tumbler is made out of UV protected materials. These materials do not have any traces of BPA making the product of high quality. Looking at the composition of these materials, we can claim that the product is safe for use.
  • It is very spacious from the inside. It has a capacity of 35 US gallons.
  • The measurement of this compost tumbler is 25.4 inches x 21.5 inches x 27.7 inches.
  • It comes in a standard color that is black. Black looks stylish when kept in gardens.


  • There is no assembly required to use this compost tumbler.
  • It does not have a heavy weight.
  • The color black is suitable to grab more heat to complete the process of composting.
  • It is durable because it is made from durable materials.
  • The spinning process is straightforward, and your composting material gets ready in a small amount of time.


  • Customers have complained that it becomes difficult to empty the container for cleaning purposes.
  • It does not come with any stand. Therefore, our consideration of bending down for a longer period to generate back pain remains unresolved with this item.

#2 - Yimby Tumbler Composter

best compost tumblers - Yimby Tumbler Composter

Yimby tumbler composter also has the same features because of which it is categorized under the name of best compost tumblers. Whether its capacity or color, the manufacturers have focused on almost all things to make this a better product for use. Take a look.


  • Like other company’s models, this product also has black color because of which the process of composting is encouraged.
  • It has two chambers.
  • It is made out of steel which makes it durable. It can resist corrosion.
  • It has a capacity of 37 gallons.


  • It has a remarkable price considering that some high-quality materials are involved.
  • It has adjustable air vents.


  • It has no wheels because of which there is difficulty faced when moving the product to different places.

#3 - HOT FROG Dual Body Tumbling Composter

best compost tumblers HOT FROG Dual Body Tumbling Composter

Hot Frog’s Tumbling Composter is marked among the best selling items on Amazon. It gets down to all the requirements needed for a suitable compost tumbler.

Its design and other features join hands together to put forward a product by which customers will feel satisfied. It has an excellent capacity for compost making. Let us view these features with detail.


  • This product has a double body function. This gives a good deal of capacity if you have a big garden to maintain. It has a total capacity of 37 gallons.
  • Its aeration is done through holes given, so that maximum amount of oxygen reaches inside to complete the process of composting.
  • The compost tumbler looks durable because of its steel frame, and BPA free UV inhibited recycled polythene.
  • It has measurements of 28 inches x 30 inches x 36 inches (D x W x H).


  • There are wheels fitted with the stand of compost tumbler. It is advantageous because it can be easily moved from place to place.
  • This item is easy to use. Its assembly is quite simple.
  • It gives a good design for more material to be decomposed.


  • It is a bit expensive than other items.
  • Its size is a little too large when you compare it with other company’s compost tumblers.

#4 - Good Ideas EZCJR-BLK

best compost tumblers - Good Ideas EZCJR-BLK

Good Ideas has maintained its legacy of creating products of its kind. They focus on all details one would require in a suitable product. Similar is the case with their compost tumbler.

They have created a model which can benefit you in so many ways when you try to manage your garden. Your soil will be getting a better compost material processed trough Good Ideas’ compost tumbler.


  • It comes in black color only. This black color is an advantage because it enables heat to go inside, encouraging the process of composting. The involvement of heat in composting method can give you enhanced results.
  • It has wheels beneath it so you can move the compost tumbler with ease. You will not have to lift it up to move it to a different place.
  • It has a capacity of 7 cubic foot which is also equal to 52 US gallons. It is quite a lot to make compost for one’s garden.


  • It is made out of recycling material.
  • Its design and color are suitable for composting process.
  • Assembling the product does not require much effort.
  • It comes with one year warranty also.


  • It is not made at a right height because of which the user will have to bend down.
  • The ventilation holes are too small for water and air to pass out.
  • Some customers have also complained that the waste material gets stuck on the lid of the compost tumbler which makes it difficult when cleaning the product.

#5 - Jora Compost Tumbler

best compost tumblers - Jora Compost Tumbler

If you are looking for something in higher amounts, then Jora Compost Tumbler can be the right choice. Since customers worry about the capacity a particular thing can hold in; this product excels in this regard.

Other than the capacity, this gardening equipment can give you good material for your soil and plants. Have a look at its features.


  • It has a capacity of 70 gallons. This particular compost tumbler is considered a suitable pick for people who have big gardens and require more amounts of fertilizer.
  • It has dual compartments, increasing the space.
  • It has measurements of 44 inches x 52 inches x 28 inches.
  • It is easy to turn because of its height feature. There is no hindrance in the rotation.


  • It is not much time-consuming.
  • It has an insulated interior.
  • It has a suitable price.


  • It is a bit too heavy since it is made of steel.
  • It has no wheels attached to it because of this it is difficult to move it to a different place.
  • The product takes a lot of space because of its big size.

Final Words

After reviewing all the details, we have come down to a conclusion that Good Ideas EZCJR-BLK can be chosen as the best choice among all five products. It is because it comes down to our considerations mentioned above. It has got wheels for movement along with a large capacity for composting material. Its color and design are also what customers look for. On top of everything, one year of warranty gives us a chance to use this product and decide whether we chose a good product or not.

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