Expert Advice on How to Remove Rocks from Yard

Rocks will always be an unavoidable task when you want to start your own garden. They come in different shapes and sizes, and you’ll need to remove them if you want to start your gardening career. But how to remove rocks from yard?

There are many ways that you can do to remove rocks from your yard. And in this article, we will be teaching you the proper way to dispose and to remove them. There will be an instance that you’ll need some tools to help you do the job.

Clearing your garden from rocks will have a great impact on the quality of the plants that you’ll grow. Plants need a healthy and well-balanced soil in order to grow properly. And not only that, the beauty and cleanliness of your garden would also improve. 


Why Remove the Rocks?

Rocks and pebbles can be unsightly to look at especially when they are scattered in your garden. These kinds of rocks are hazardous not only to you but to your plants as well. This especially holds true when you use a lawnmower.

Rocks could easily break your gardening machines like your leaf shredders and lawnmowers. This is why you need to get rid of them before you start clearing your garden. Removing them will not only improve the beauty of your garden but it will also make it safer.

If you’re wondering how do you remove these rocks from your yard. Don’t worry because we got you covered. Removing these rocks from your yard is easy. You’ll only need a few tools and a bit of effort to completely rehabilitate your garden.

What Can You Do With The Removed Rocks?

Rocks can be used as a decoration to your garden and a part of your landscape. Most gardeners have a tendency to surround their garden with rocks. You can use these rocks as a foot walk or a fence for your plants. 

Using the rocks as a landscape is the most efficient way of using these rocks. You can use them around your plants as protection. You can improve the overall beauty of your garden with just the proper placement of these rocks.

If you don’t want to use the rocks, you can always dispose of them and throw them somewhere far from your home. If you have no place to throw them, you can always stack them somewhere in your garden. But for good measure, just use them as landscape.

What You’ll Need for This Task

In order for you to effectively remove the rocks from the soil, you’ll need the proper equipment. This is to ensure that you’ll be safe when you remove the rocks from your garden. And by using tools you’ll be using less effort and can cover more areas when working. 

#1 - Gloves

Gloves are standard gear when gardening. Gloves are useful when handling rocks. Because it blocks dirt from smudging your hands. It also prevents blisters and scratches because of its hard and rough texture. Always wear gloves when gardening because this is your hands only protection.

You can buy gloves at your local gardening stores. Choose the ones that you feel comfortable with because you will be using them a lot. Don’t buy gloves which have a thin layer because this will hurt your hands when you pick up the rocks.

#2 - Rake

The rake will serve as your primary tool in removing rocks and debris. Cleaning the area from unwanted weeds and leaves will help you remove the rocks faster. This tool is important because it will remove the small stones and will leave the big ones for the hand tools.

There are different kinds of rakes that are being sold in the market. If you don’t have a rake yet, we suggest that you buy the ones which have strong teeth. Some rakes are meant only for leaves while others can be used to clear out rocks.

#3 - Hand Tools

Hand tools can vary between heavy and light. Your heavy tools are your sledgehammer, garden hoe, and drills. Your light tools are your hand shovel, rake, and gloves. Depending on how big the rock is, the tools that you’ll use will depend on that situation. 

These hand tools are your primary weapons against these rocks. You will need multiple hand tools for this job to prepare them beforehand. Each hand tool will have a specific role in removing the rocks from your yard so choose carefully.

#4 - Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is an essential tool that you will mostly need. This is where all of the rocks that you’ve gathered will go. Use the wheelbarrow for easy transport when you want to dispose of the rocks. Remember to oil up your wheels before using it so that you’ll have no trouble pushing it.

You can also use your wheelbarrow to store unwanted debris. The wheelbarrow has multiple uses in this product so we suggest that you prepare it. If you haven’t bought a wheelbarrow yet, we suggest that you buy a big and sturdy one.

How to Remove Rocks from Yard - Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Preparation

Prepare all of the tools that you’ll use for this project. This is the first and most important step in this guide. Prepare the gloves, hand tools, rake, and wheelbarrow for easy access and easy use. When removing rocks from your yard, you’ll need multiple hand tools to get them ready.

If you haven’t bought a single tool yet we suggest that you only buy the tools that you need. For example, if you only have small rocks to remove, you don’t need to buy a sledgehammer. Assess the area first before making any purchase.

Step 2: Locating the Area

Find a good spot and start there. Choosing an area where to work first is essential because it will help you finish faster. Working in areas will help you concentrate. Because you don’t have to roam around your garden carrying your tools with you. This way you’ll be more focused on a single area instead of the whole garden.

Step 3: Clear the Area

After you’ve located the area to work with, it’s time to clear that area. Use the rake to clean out small rocks and leaves. Cleaning the debris will reveal the bigger rocks which is your primary concern. The rake will clear the area so that the weeds will not interfere with your hand tools.

Step 4: Use your Hand Tools 

Now that you’ve located and cleared the area, it’s time to use your hand tools to remove the rocks. Use your gloves if you can pick up the rocks by hand. And use your garden hoe if the rocks are buried deep in the soil. You can also use your shovel for these kinds of rocks as well.

The sledgehammer is your friend when it comes to big rocks. Put your back into it and break the rocks into smaller pieces. After which you can gather them and place them in your wheelbarrow. Use the appropriate hand tool for the specific rock.

Step 5: Stack it

After removing the rocks with your hand tools, you can stack the rocks in an area. Use your wheelbarrow to transport the rocks to a specific area. You can use the rocks that you’ve gathered for landscaping and future projects. 


Clearing rocks could be as enjoyable as planting crops. There are many ways on how to remove rocks from yard, and this is only one of those ways. So, did you enjoy reading this tutorial? If you have, then let me remind you of the important steps in this guide.

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    Locating the area
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    Clear the area
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    Use your hand tools
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    Stack it

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