Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Backpack Sprayer in 2017

Do you have an interest in building up a good garden? How much do you care for your plants in your backyard? This is an important question as a majority of people do not care for their plants as much as it is needed.

Spraying your plants is equally important. That is why we are presenting you with the best backpack sprayer of 2017.



Product Name



best backpack sprayer 006

Field King Professional 190328



best backpack sprayer 007

Chapin 63985 Backpack Sprayer



best backpack sprayer 008

Chapin 61900 Backpack Sprayer



best backpack sprayer 009

Solo 425 Backpack Sprayer



best backpack sprayer 010

Rainmaker Backpack Sprayer


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What is a Backpack Sprayer?

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A backpack sprayer is an accessory designed for spraying chemicals on plants.

It is a basic need if a person wishes to treat their plants with all the nutrients and care they require. It is an equipment used to spray chemicals over plants and trees so they can stay away from pests and insects.

Don’t let insects attack your plants; you can make use of this equipment in spraying chemicals on them.

Backpack sprayers provide ease to garden owners in spreading chemicals over their plants.

It saves time and covers a large area compared to putting chemical over each plant a single time. It is important to know that spreading chemical over plants helps to keep them healthy.

Otherwise, they will be eaten away by pests and insects. It is the best tool contributing in taking proper care of plants.

How to Use A Backpack Sprayer?

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Before you begin using a backpack sprayer, you need to know that every sprayer is different in its own kind. It solely depends on the manufacturer on how they make the product.

It is why setting up of each product is different from one another even if they are designed for the same purpose.

You will have to go through the manual provided with the product to start using it with ease.

The spray wand is to be attached to the spray gun. Attach the shoulder straps in the right place. Next, insert the handle of the sprayer in the given hole.

You can mix up pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides to get the job done once and for all.

Once your chemical is ready, pour it into the container of the sprayer. This must be done carefully as the mixture contains various synthetic liquids in it.

Then, put the backpack on your shoulders while holding the handle in the right position. Now you can start spraying on the plants.

Make sure you keep the sprayer at a distance so that less chemical can be used for more plants.

Things to Consider When Buying a Backpack Sprayer

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When going out to purchase a backpack sprayer, there will be a few things you will need to find. One must know the essentials that make the best backpack sprayer. Below are the important aspects:

  • AREA
  • PUMP

Durable: A backpack sprayer requires a good amount of money to spend on. That is why it is necessary for you to know that the product you are going to buy must be durable enough. Be assured of the fact that the product will not go to waste in a small duration of time.

Advantages of Using This Product

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Backpack sprayers are a technology only a few people know about. We are still in an era where people prefer using their old styles rather than opting for a better and new one. They do not focus on the benefits given to users when they will make use of that product. Similarly, backpack sprayers are also beneficial for users regarding providing ease.

It is an easy way to provide a healthy environment to the plants. This product is efficient and reliable in its performance. Some manufacturers have made this product extra profitable. They say that you can use different chemicals together without causing any harm. There is no manpower required in using this product because it is battery operated. Only a single charge can let it work for a longer time.

Range of Best Backpack Sprayers of 2017

#1 - Field King Professional 190328

best backpack sprayer 001

Looking for a backpack sprayer with tremendous performance? Then Field King Professional 190328 is an excellent choice. Why do we say so? It is because it gives us a set of features which fulfills the need of a suitable backpack sprayer.

You can invest your money into this product because we are assured of this product to be durable. The best of features it gives us is that this product can be used for indoor as well as outdoor use. Let us have a look at some more features.


  • The spraying wand is 21 inches long so the user can use it with ease.
  • The product comes with four different types of nozzles. Of course, this depends on which chemical and plant you are using it for.
  • Setup features are quite easy to understand. There are no tools required.
  • It is made of Viton Seals encouraging chemical resistance.


  • The backpack sprayer is quite comfortable to use. The straps are specially made out of foam so that the user will not feel uncomfortable during his job.
  • Its set up is very easy.
  • It can cover up to 20 feet of area in a single pump.


  • There are a few customers who have complained about the sprayer to leak only after a few days of usage.
  • Also, the sprayer has no features of locking or closing off.

#2 - Chapin 63985 Backpack Sprayer

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Chapin is another company which manufactures a range of backpack sprayer. This is another model brought forward by their business. This product is completely battery operated. It gives a real-time to the user to spread chemicals over their plants.

Comfort is another issue where people stop and give second thoughts to the product. In this regard, this backpack sprayer is very comfortable in use. Overall, this product is durable.

Take a look at some more features of Chapin 63985.


  • The capacity of this sprayer is up to 4 gallons.
  • It can give pressures around 35 to 40 PSI.
  • It can cover 35 feet of area in one tank.
  • The battery lasts for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. You can use this product continuously in this given time.
  • It has got three different nozzles depending on which plant you are using it for.


  • Since the product is battery operated, there is no need to pump through it. There is no manpower required to make use of this product.
  • It has a long lasting battery which favors covering a long distance.
  • It has a full mouth to pour chemicals quickly. There are fewer chances of spilling the liquid.


  • Setting up the product might be difficult for beginners. The manual provided is not of much help.
  • Some users have complained about the product leaking at some point of usage.

#3 - Chapin 61900 Backpack Sprayer

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As stated before, Chapin excels in presenting products for taking care of plants. This is one of the best inventions made known under the category of backpack sprayers.

This product has received a lot of positive reviews. The only difference between this model and previous model lies with the battery. While the Chapin 61900 uses a battery, the former model is not battery operated. It requires pumping to work.

Overall, it is very comfortable to use. It has padded straps and backrest, providing ease and comfort to the user while they are working.

You must view the main features of Chapin 61900.


  • Its sprayer wand is made from stainless steel, making it more durable.
  • It has a capacity of 4 gallons for the chemicals you wish to use.
  • It contains a 3 stage filtration system. The filter is removable for cleaning purposes.
  • It contains a pressure gauge which monitors the pressure at every second.


  • It has a 4-inch wide mouth to pour in chemicals.
  • The product is free from all kinds of leaking as it is designed carefully.
  • The pressure gauge is an additional feature liked by most users.
  • It is very comfortable in usage.


  • The sprayer wand is not flexible enough. It causes hindrance while using the product.
  • The manual given is quite difficult to understand.

#4 - Solo 425 Backpack Sprayer

best backpack sprayer 004

Solo 425 is a total benefit for people who wish to look after their plants with full zeal. This backpack sprayer is considered suitable because of its free design. The design is comfortable to use in any case.

The winning point regarding this product is its pressure. It has the highest weight among all mentioned backpack sprayers. Other features are also to be considered if you are planning to buy this product.

Take a look.


  • Its sprayer wand has a type of lock which encourages continuous sprays. There is little power required to use this product.
  • It comes in 4 types of adjustable nozzles which depend on the type of plant you are using it for.
  • It has a pressure up to 90 PSI.


  • It covers up a long distance.
  • It has a capacity of 4 gallons.


  • In comparison to other backpack sprayers, this product does not have comfortable straps.
  • There is little information regarding this product on the internet.

#5 - Rainmaker Backpack Sprayer

best backpack sprayer 005

This product is suitable for various kinds of pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. Although it is not battery operated it focuses on providing ease to the user.

It covers a good amount of area while spraying a combination of chemicals. It has a wide mouth to fill in the tank with chemicals. Let us now take a look at its given features.


  • It has a capacity of 4 gallons just like other mentioned products.
  • It contains a trigger which focuses on continuous spraying.
  • The product contains filter technology.
  • It also includes four types of nozzles.


  • It comes with 1-year warranty.
  • It has different sizes available for smaller and larger areas.


  • Some customers have complained that the product is not suitable for continuous use. It becomes useless after some time.

Final Words

We apprehend that battery operated backpack sprayers are a better choice than pumps. It is because they can cover a large area.

In this regard, Chapin 63985 is the best option among others. First, it has a right amount of pressure. Along with this is a generalized capacity of 4 gallons like other backpack sprayers. You may also consider other backpack sprayers if Chapin 63985 does not fall in your budget.

All the mentioned backpack sprayers are of the best quality. So you can select according to your choice.

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