Expert Buying Advice for the best Hose End Sprayer of 2018

Buying gardening tools isn’t always easy. There are a lot of things that you need to consider before buying the tools that you’ll need. Spraying the plants with different liquids using a large sprayer is hard. And with gallons of liquid is quite tiresome. That’s why using the best hose end sprayer will help you finish the job.


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Advantages of Using Hose end Sprayers 

Let’s face it; carrying around a large sprayer isn’t exactly fun to do especially during summer. Yes, it has plenty of carrying capacity; yet it can be tiresome to carry around. That’s why a hose end sprayer is a better choice for the job.

With a hose end sprayer, you can mix the chemicals on the spot without spending too much time. Carrying large tanks of water makes it hard to mix the chemicals with the water. But with the hose end sprayer, you can say goodbye to that. 

Using a hose end sprayer can make your job easier because you don’t have to carry a heavy water can. You can say goodbye to backaches and rough shoulders. Because when you use a hose end sprayer, you can spray your garden without moving an inch. 

And one of the best features of a hose end sprayer is its adjustability. Most brands of hose end sprayers have this feature that lets you choose the type of spray to use. The nose of the sprayer can be adjusted according to your needs. 

Characteristics of a Good Hose-end Sprayer

Now that you know what are the benefits of using a hose end sprayer. It’s time for you to know what to look for when buying the best hose end sprayer. The features that you’ll need to watch out are its quality, size, capacity, and adjustability.

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The first characteristic that you’ll need to look out for is its quality. So, how do you know when a hose end sprayer is of good quality? A quality hose end sprayer is made from the finest metal and fiber. Remember, you might want to stay away from buying hose end sprayer that’s made from plastic.

Buy only what’s suited for your gardening needs. You don’t need to buy an expensive hose end sprayer if you’re going to do light work. Choose the product that works well with the size of your garden or work area.

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    Size of the Sprayer

There are different sizes of hose end sprayers in the market. The size would depend on the area of your garden. The sprayer enables you to choose the kind of spray type that you’ll be using. And the size of the sprayer greatly affects it.

This will make spraying easy and convenient for you. Because you have the power to choose what kind of spray type that you’ll be using. You might want to check the size of the water sprayer and ask for a demo before buying.

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    Tank Capacity

Buy only what you can carry! You don’t need to buy a large tank for a small job. The best hose end sprayer in the market can carry enough liquid for your needs. If you have a large garden go for the hose end sprayer which has a capacity of 3 or 4 gallons.

The type of hose end sprayer will determine its tank capacity. A handheld hose end sprayer has a lesser capacity as compared to the backpack version. So, if you have a large place you might want to buy the hose end sprayer with a larger capacity.

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    Adjustability of the Hose-end Sprayer

There are hose end sprayers on the market that have adjustable nozzles. These are the kind of the hose end sprayers that you want to buy. The adjustable sprayer can do wonders for your garden because it can be adjusted to your needs. 

A good hose end sprayer allows you to control the amount of water or chemical that would come out of the nozzle. Each type of sprayer can be used in different kinds of situation. This is why you might want to choose the hose end sprayer that offers more than one type of spray. 

Where to Find the Best hose end Sprayer

Now that you have a general idea of what to look for in a hose end sprayer. It’s time for you to know where to buy the best hose end sprayer. You can find them in places like hardware shops, malls, and online.

For starters, you might want to buy your fist hose end sprayer in the hardware store. This is because you must inspect and see for yourself the product that you’ll buy. This way you can inspect the product and ask for additional information if needed.

Next is in malls, malls offer a wide variety of hose end sprayers for you to choose from. If you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for in the hardware store. Chances are you can find it in the mall. 

And finally, you can shop for the best hose end sprayers online. Here you can find everything that you’re looking for in a hose end sprayer. Read reviews online before buying the product to get a grasp of what you’re buying.

Now that you know what to look for in a hose end sprayer where to buy it. We’ve reviewed some of the hose end sprayers that are available in the store. You might want to check this list if you’re looking for one.

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#1 - Garden Hose Nozzle Spray by MPLUS

best hose end sprayer - MPLUS Garden Hose Nozzle Spray Nozzle Hand Sprayer Heavy Duty Metal Pistol Grip Trigger High Pressure Flow Control Quick Connector Adjustable Pattern for Plant Watering Car Washing Pets Showering

If you’re looking for a quality hose end sprayer that’s worth its price then this hose end sprayer is for you. The nozzle of this hose end sprayer is made of quality metal and has a pistol grip trigger. It can gush out the heavy pressure of water in a matter of minutes.

Equipped with a control that allows you to adjust the pattern of the flow of water. This spray is excellent for watering or for spraying plants. You might want to consider buying this product. If you prefer spraying pesticide or insecticide in your garden. The garden hose nozzle spray by MPLUS is all you need.


  • The body is made up of stainless steel metal.
  • Doesn’t easily rust.​​​
  • Equipped with different spray patterns.
  • You can adjust the pressure of the water.
  • thumbs-up
    Equipped with a trigger for easy use.


  • Doesn’t include a hose.
  • thumbs-down
    Doesn’t have a tank to put in water.
  • thumbs-down
    The hose might loosen over time.

#2 - Deluxe Pro AP Hose End

best hose end sprayer - Deluxe Pro AP Hose End w Dial

Quality, simple, and durable, this what makes the deluxe pro ap hose end is all about. This hose end sprayer is equipped with a precision metering dial. The precision metering dial works well when you want to spray certain areas of your garden.

The container is made up of basic plastic and can be used for different types of liquid. The size of the container is enough for spraying a small area of your garden. If you’re looking for a simple yet effective hose end sprayer. Then this sprayer might be for you.


  • Can handle any kind of liquid.
  • Equipped with a precision metering dial.
  • Has a solid brass sprayer.
  • The nuzzle is accurate and steady.
  • thumbs-up
    Works great for small spray areas.


  • The container has a small liquid capacity.
  • thumbs-down
    No option to install a hose.
  • thumbs-down
    Liquid might slip into the handle.

#3 - Chapin G362

best hose end sprayer - Chapin G362 Professional All Purpose Hose End Sprayer with Metering Dial For Fertilizer, Herbicides and Garden Pesticides

The Chapin G362 is a well-rounded hose end sprayer for professional gardeners. Equipped with an adjustable hose-end dial and metering dial. This all-purpose sprayer can spray any liquid with precision and care.

If you’re looking for an all-around hose end sprayer. Then this product might be what you’re looking for. Made from the finest steel, this sprayer is built to last for a long time. What makes this product stand out is its anti-siphon feature that prevents backflow.


  • The container can carry any kind of liquid.
  • Has an anti-siphon feature that prevents backflow.
  • Has an adjustable hose end sprayer.
  • Equipped with a precision dial.
  • thumbs-up
    Can mix liquid well.


  • Limited liquid capacity.
  • thumbs-down
    Water leaks outside of nuzzling over time.
  • thumbs-down
    Granules often get stuck in the nuzzle.

#4 -  Dews Garden by CoreGear

best hose end sprayer - CoreGear DEWS GARDEN 1.5 Liter 50-Ounce 0.4 Gallon Multi-Purpose Handheld Garden Sprayer

This hose end sprayer is what you need if you’re looking for a sprayer that’s worth your money. The Dews garden hose end sprayer by CoreGear can carry up to 1.5 liters of water. And it can carry any sort of liquid whether it is a pesticide or an insecticide.

What makes the dews garden hose end sprayer different from the rest is its ease of use. The nuzzle of this product is made out of brass that could be easily adjusted for a specific purpose. The tank is made up of heavy-duty plastic that could resist any kind of insecticide or pesticide.

Its highly pressurized build can reach hard to spray places. You can adjust the sprayer to reach the further ends of your garden. You might want to consider this product if you’re looking for a well-rounded hose end sprayer.


  • Available spare parts.
  • Highly pressurized.​​​
  • Heavy duty.
  • Large liquid capacity.​​​
  • thumbs-up
    Easy to carry because of straps.
  • thumbs-up
    Can spray hard to reach places.


  • May cause leakage over time. 
  • thumbs-down
    Not suitable for granules.
  • thumbs-down
    Plastic handle is slippery.

#5 - Hand Pump Sprayer by Sheffla

best hose end sprayer - Sheffla Multi-Purpose 3-Liter Hand Pump Sprayer Gardening tool Water Mister Spray Bottle

If you’re looking for a hose end sprayer that’s cheap and has a good carrying capacity. Then this hand pump sprayer by Sheffla is just for you. This multipurpose sprayer is what you need when you want a quick spray off of your plants.

This spray bottle can carry up to 3 liters of chemical and other liquids. Equipped with an easy to use the pump, this sprayer is favorable to the seniors. It’s easy to refill the bottle because of the big opening and can mix liquid quickly.

You might want to consider buying this hose end sprayer if you’re short on cash. But don’t be fooled by its price. Because this sprayer can be durable like the other hose end sprayers on this list.


  • Lower price compared to other brands.
  • Can carry up to 3 liters of liquid.
  • Highly pressurized.
  • Light pump.
  • thumbs-up
    Adjustable Sprayer.


  • The tank is made up of cheap plastic.
  • thumbs-down
    Leaks over time.
  • thumbs-down
    The plastic Brittles over time. 


There are a lot of hose end sprayers out on the market today. But only a few can be considered as the best hose end sprayer of 2018. As for us, we already have a clear winner here.

And that winner is the Dews Garden by CoreGear. The reason why this hose end sprayer won should already be obvious. But to explain why it’s simply because it fits into all categories of a good hose end sprayer. 

When it comes to quality, adjustability, size, and capacity this product checks it all. The quality of the materials used in this sprayer is top notch as compared to other sprayers. Its size is also just right for any individual to use.

As for adjustability, the sprayer is equipped with an adjustable sprayer. That works great for different chores. And finally, the liquid capacity is just right.

So you if you want to buy the best hose end sprayer this 2018. You might want to look up some of these items on the list. You can find more at your local hardware store or in malls.

For efficiency, you can just go online and order your hose end sprayer in your trusted online stores. But don’t forget to read reviews first before you go and buy your hose end sprayers. This will help you choose appropriate sprayer.

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