Hunting for Best Splitting Maul for Guarding: Which one is the best?

Every year with the arrival of winters, the worldwide use and need of splitting mauls and axes reach to its maximum level. Everybody wants the best splitting maul to work with. This article holds information about different splitting mauls available in the market, which will help you to choose the best one among them. There’s lot of stuff you can do with maul most importantly this is a handy tool in guarding.


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Splitting Maul and its Utilization

Splitting Maul:

Before going deep into the discussion that which one seems the best splitting maul, first it’s vital to define what a splitting maul is. Splitting maul is an axe like a tool with a sledge-hammer to one side of its head and a tapered edge (An axe) on the other side. This head is fixed upon a 36” long handle. The tapered edge of splitting maul is round to its surface, and it’s not very sharp as you would usually find the edge of axes.

Use of Splitting Maul:

Now the question arises, what’s the use of splitting maul? Splitting maul is used to cut pieces of wooden logs length-wise which is along the grain to small, feasible pieces which are not hard to pick up and carry. When it comes to guarding this tool is a plus to have. Mostly the use of splitting maul is in the winter season when almost everybody in a country wants to warm up their houses by arranging for a fire in their fireplaces. Though it seems a quite hard task to cut the wooden logs, splitting maul makes it quite easier for the people especially men, as they are the one who appears to do this sort of work mostly.

Characteristics of Splitting Mauls:

The weight of splitting maul is a little more than splitting axe. Splitting maul weight is 6-8 lbs which are the weight of the head of the splitting maul, and that is the one which weighs more.

Although some splitting mauls are available in the market which weighs less this might affect the work quality of the maul because to cut the pieces of wood, the splitting maul needs to be heavy so that it can complete the task at hand without any difficulty and mishap. For guarding a light with a maul is necessary to go with it helps you to keep working for a long time.

The long handle of splitting maul is of wood, but it’s also available in fiberglass which again will reduce its weight and can affect its quality to work plus it won’t allow the perfect smooth grip of hands. Splitting mauls are available in the market with short handles too.

But a buyer needs to consider this fact while buying this that the handle of the maul should be long enough so that when you strike the chunk of wood, it hits the ground not your foot. This is something that everyone will need to consider because nobody would enjoy that now, would they?

The Right Way to Use a Splitting Maul for Guarding:

As it’s pretty clear from above discussion that splitting maul is used to cut a piece of wood length-wise, the point to ponder here is what’s the correct way to use it or how does it work? Nobody will want to use it wrong because that can lead to any serious injury to the person who is using it. The things that every individual need to keep in mind while using the best splitting maul are:

  • Always keep a wooden block as a base for cutting. This will save your foot from being injured by Maul's strike.
  • Strike hard for easy and smooth cutting of the wood.
  • Avoid hitting any knots in the wood.
  • Always use fresh wood for cutting.

These are the steps to have the best output from using splitting maul.

Perks of Having a Best Splitting Maul Who Love Guarding:

Now the idea of “best splitting maul” will be different for different people. Every person is different in many aspects from others. Some might have the stamina to wield the heavy splitting maul while some may get tired by cutting only a couple of piece. Those types of people will prefer the maul with a short handle and less weight which are available in the market and are quite cheap. But people with high stamina can handle the heavy maul because they’d want their work to be completed soon which is a benefit of splitting maul

Some would find the wooden handles easier to grasp while others may be comfortable with the composites handles. There are splitting mauls available in the market with composites handles which are supposedly shock-absorbent, and this property might attract some buyers to these mauls, and they might consider them the best. While some might be attracted towards the look and comfort of wooden handles. That’s totally up to the buyer’s choice.

Balance is another main point to consider while looking for the best splitting maul. The tool you’re buying needs to be balanced, not only in the way you’re using but it should be manufactured properly and with balance in mind. Although splitting mauls which are manufactured greatly are quite expensive too.

Every individual needs to keep the above-discussed points in mind while hunting for the best splitting maul.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Splitting Mauls in Market:

Following are some splitting mauls which have the best reviews from the buyers online. We have gathered them for you to help you figure out the best splitting maul among them.

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#1 - Husqvarna 32" Wooden Splitting Maul

best splitting maul - Husqvarna 32" Wooden Splitting Maul

This Splitting maul is forged in Sweden, and it’s supposedly in high quality. It weighs 6.8 lbs which as we have discussed above is a good weight to cut wooden pieces easily and smoothly. So that’s a plus point that will help a gander. The head of this splitting maul which is quite heavy as we have mentioned already is fixed above the handle with the help of both the wooden and steel wedge which very much lessons its risk of falling apart and causing any injury to the person using it. This also includes a leather edge cover which might be a positive point in making sure about the strong and firm grip of the handle which again eliminates the risks of its slipping from the hand and causing any injury.


  • This is a high-quality splitting maul.
  • It will last a long time due to its fine preservation
  • Sharp and strong with comfortable handle to manage
  • It’s well-balancedOnce a little sharpened, it cuts more smoothly and neatly


  • Small gaps are present between the steel head and wooden handle which might enhance the risk of head from slipping down
  • Not a satisfactory handle finishing
  • There might be a need to sharpen it again after a person has bought it
  • Handle might shrink in warm climate

#2 - Fiskars Iso Core 8 lb Maul, 36 Inch

best spilitting maul - Fiskars Iso Core 8 lb Maul, 36 Inch

This splitting maul has also got best reviews from the buyer who loves guarding and is in the top searches. It weighs 10.4 pounds which is quite heavy and which shows that this particular type of maul is especially for the individual with string muscles and good stamina. This particular design has been approved by US standards that this can tolerate immense working in difficult situations and climate. The material used in this splitting maul is hard steel which is in the head, and rubber paddings are also present which assures the strong grip.

This might be considered ideal for cutting wooden pieces. Its head has an optimized blade geometry which makes it easier to cut through the wood and give a neat look. This splitting maul ensures safety and security with its secure and comfortable handle design. Its comfortable handle can also minimize the causing of blisters.


  • Intense vibrations on strikes are absorbed by IsoCore Shock Control System.
  • Flares are present on the handle which keeps the tool strongly in control and place when going for a strike.
  • It transfers two times fewer vibrations than the wooden handles.
  • 36” Long handle ensures strong, steady grip
  • It has an inseparable head
  • It has a lifetime guarantee


  • It’s quite expensive
  • No metal-collar available

#3 - Estwing E3-FF4 4-Pound

best splitting maul - Estwing E3-FF4 4-Pound

This splitting maul is also the one on the top because of its best and good reviews. Its weight is 7 ounces which are quite light, and this shows that this splitting maul might be for the individuals who find wielding the heavy maul hard and they have not have the stamina to do this right.

It’s made of multi materials, it’s not of fiber only, and many materials are forged together to make this maul. It has one handle which is short in its height. Considering this feature, a personmight get to thinking about the thing we mentioned above that short handles don’t allow strong and successful striking of the maul. But that’s up to each.

The exterior color of this maul is blue which quite vibrant color is, and this might be the cause why people are attracting towards this maul. Its unique color will help you to locate your maul with ease when you are doing guarding. What it overlooks is quite neat and sleek, and yet it seems nice to wield such short maul. On its handle, grooves are present which will ensure its strong grip.


  • It is forged in one piece which eliminates the risk of its head falling apart
  • It is imported
  • It’s quite light-weight which makes it easier to wield
  • It has a shock resistant nylon grip which dampens the vibrations


  • No sheath comes with this maul
  • Its handle is quite slippery

#4 - 8LB FBG Splitting Maul

best splitting maul - 8LB FBG Splitting Maul

Another splitting maul famous in the market nowadays is this 8LB FBG Splitting Maul which comes with a handle length of 36” which is again a plus point in handling it well and striking the wooden pieces strongly and firmly. Its head though alone weighs 8 lb which is quite heavy.

Now considering the handle length and head size of this maul, this is quite clear that this mail might be quite heavy to handle. But again, that depends on the person using it, people with strong muscles and who want their tasks to over quickly will prefer this splitting maul.

The head of this splitting maul is made up of forged steel which explains the fact why it weighs this much. Whereas coming towards the handle of this maul, its handle is made of fiberglass. Now again the question is that whether it’s slippery or not because it might be because it’s made of composites.


  • It’s quite strong and easy to use
  • It has this perfect handle length to manage


  • It’s quite heavy for individuals with weak muscles
  • More effort will be required to strike this

#5 - Council Tools 6 Pound Sledge-Eye Maul

best splitting maul - Council Tools 6 Pound Sledge-Eye Maul

Another wooden splitting maul with great reviews is this Council Tools 6 Pound, Sledge-Eye Maul. The weight of this particular splitting maul is 6.6 pounds which might be considered heavy but considering that its handle is made of wood, it’s quite understood why.

This splitting maul consists of a 36” long hickory handle which again is a plus point which we have already described numerous times above in this article. The handle of this mail is inserted into the head hydraulically, and it is made sure that it stays in its place with the help of an aluminum wedge which provides a very fine and strong connection between the handle and the head.


  • No risk of its head falling apart
  • Long handle ensures strong strike and grip
  • Aesthetically pleasing due to wood handle


  • The edge might be needing sharpening


So far, the discussion above and the reviews we presented above in the articles states what qualities should be must in the best splitting maul and considering those qualities and features the most suitable one to be under the best tag seems to be the Fiskars Iso Core 8 lb Maul, 36 Inch. Being a lover of guarding I must need a splitting maul that enhances my working capability when I am in my backyard, if you do so I suggest you pick any from the above as per your requirements.

It has the large handle requires for the swift strike and a shock-absorbent property is also present in this which might make it quite manageable for the persons who’ll find this long heavy maul difficult to wield but also other important features are also in this maul which might prove this one the best splitting maul.

Now again this depends on the buyer and his needs. It’s totally up to them. We have mentioned the points now it’s your task to decide which one’s the best for you!

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