Expert Buying Advice for the Best Lawn Sweeper of 2018

Every homeowner wants a clean and dirt free yard or garden, but as the seasons change. It’s inevitable that there will be a heap of fallen leaves on your lawn especially during fall. You can always use a rake to clean your yard.

But when the time is at of the essence, all you need to do is to buy the best lawn sweeper to help you get rid of those leaves. Lawn sweepers are perfect for cleaning up leaves, twigs, and other trash on your lawn. But because there are many lawn sweepers on the market today. You need to separate the bad ones from the good ones.

But don’t worry about that, because we’re here to help you. To help you choose the best lawn sweeper on the market today. We’ve reviewed 5 of the best lawn sweepers that we think are worth the money that you’ll be spending.


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Types of Lawn Sweepers

Lawn sweepers come in different shapes and sizes. To know what type of lawn sweeper that you’ll buy is important to your budget. You don’t want to buy a lawn sweeper that doesn’t fit your home’s needs. Here you will read the different kinds of lawn sweepers and how they work individually.

  • Push sweepers

From its name alone you can already tell how it’s used. Push sweepers are like lawnmowers that you push around your lawn to collect debris. Equipped with a small engine, this kind of lawn sweeper is perfect for small areas.

Push sweepers are easy to use because of its body. It’s designed to be lightweight so that beginners will have no problem using it. And because of its small engine, it produces less noise and doesn’t emit harmful smoke.

When it comes to maintenance, push sweepers are easy to maintain because of its materials. You can do maintenance on you push sweepers yearly and it will still perform its best. Just put a little oil and grease on its gears and bearings and you’re good to go.

  • Power Sweepers

A Power sweeper is a just big lawnmower that chops down and stores the leaves and debris it passes through. Unlike the push sweeper, the power sweeper has a strong engine powered by gas or electricity. And because of its size, it can clean large and wider area compared to the push sweeper.

Power sweepers are operated by their small but efficient engines. You don’t need to push the power sweeper along your yard. Because the machine pushes itself to the direction that you want it to go. It has more carrying capacity compared to the push sweeper but it’s much heavier.

Because the power sweeper has an engine. It emits more noise and pollution compared to the push sweeper. A heavier machine also means that it’s harder to operate and to maneuver around your yard.

  • Tow-Behind Sweepers

If you own a large property or a huge front or backyard, then the Tow-behind sweepers might be what you’re looking for. The tow-behind sweeper is a bigger and better version of the power sweeper because of its ride on a tractor.

The Tow-behind sweeper is equipped with a large bag on the back where all of the debris and leaves are stored. This makes for a fast and efficient cleaning because you don’t have to regularly change the bag of your sweeper. This saves you a lot of time and energy when cleaning your yard because you’ll just be sitting away all of the work.

​The downside to this machine is that you’ll have to spend money on gas because it’s dependent on its machine to work. And the maintenance on this sweeper is no joke, you’ll have to repair with an expert if it gets damaged.

What to Look for When Buying a Lawn Sweeper

Lawn sweepers are expensive. That’s why it’s important for you to know what to look for when buying your first lawn sweeper. There are 3 main categories for you to check before getting one. And these are the price, usage and convenience, spare parts and maintenance.

#1 - The Price

When buying a lawn sweeper make sure that the price is right. You should know by now that there are different kinds of lawn sweeper that are being sold in the market today. And each store has its own price tag on their products.

The best lawn sweeper money can buy doesn’t always mean that it’s expensive. There are a lot of stores out there that will take advantage of you and charge you more than what you bargain for. Take your time when choosing the right lawn sweeper before buying one. 

Assess and compare prices of the same product in different store so that you will have a general idea of what to buy. Remember, a high price doesn’t always equate to a quality product. To avoid being scammed, we suggest that you assess the prices first.

#2 - Usage and Convenience

Usage of the lawn sweeper solely depends on your terms of use. When we speak of usage, we mean the kind of work that you will be doing. And not only that but also the area of which you are going to use the lawn sweeper.

Determine the kind of work that you’ll be doing and then buy the sweeper. You don’t need to buy a power sweeper or a Tow-behind sweeper when you just have a small garden or lawn. Or that you would buy a push sweeper for a huge lawn.

Remember lawn sweepers are not cheap. Buy only what you need and stick with it. The best lawn sweeper functions best when it’s put to good use and in an environment suited for it. 

#3 - Spare Parts and Maintenance

A good lawn sweeper is easy to maintain and has spare parts available whenever it’s needed. Maintenance should also not be an issue. Since it’s one of the most important aspects of keeping a lawn sweeper working properly. 

Having spare parts available and ready is important. Because you’ll never know when your lawn sweeper will break. You don’t want to buy a new one just because it’s broken. That’s why spare parts should be easy to find and available.

Maintenance should also be checked. Because the lifespan of your lawn sweeper will depend on how good you maintain it. Having a lawn sweeper that’s hard to maintain will cost you more than you bargain for.

 Brinly STS-427LXH 20 Cubic Feet Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper, 42-Inch

Top 5 Best Lawn Sweeper Reviews

Now that you have a general idea of what to look for in a lawn sweeper. We took it upon ourselves to help you find the right one for you. We reviewed some of the best lawn sweepers on the market today to help you decide which lawn sweeper you would buy.

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#1 - Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper

best lawn sweeper - Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper, 44-Inch

If you’re looking for a big lawn sweeper that works perfectly for your large lawn. Then the Lawn Sweeper might be what you’re looking for. This 92-pound machine is capable of cleaning acres of land within a short span of time.

What makes this lawn sweeper standout from the rest. Is its capability of cleaning most trash and debris in your garden. It can suck in pine cones, twigs, and leaves of various sizes. It’s sturdy and most of all heavy duty, it’s easy to assemble and it can ride through the mud with ease.

The only thing you need to worry about this lawn sweeper is how you can store it. Because of its huge size, you’ll need a proper place to store this machine. If you happen to expose this machine to rough and hard elements. You might encounter troubles with it in the future. 


  • It has a sturdy build.
  • It can clean a wide space in minutes.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • Easy to clean and empty the bag.
  • Durable and reliable.


  • Some parts might not work over time.
  • It needs regular maintenance.
  • It has a heavy leaf cover.
  • The wheels could sometimes jam up.
  • Time-consuming to assemble.


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#2 -  Outdoor Push Sweeper by Karcher

best lawn sweeper - Karcher S650 Outdoor Push Sweeper, Patio & Driveway Cleaner, Yellow/Black

If you’re looking for a sturdy and reliable lawn sweeper that works great in small areas. Then the Outdoor Push Sweeper by Karcher might be what you’re looking for. This handy push sweeper can clean your yard in minutes.

When you’re tired of getting those backaches and sore shoulders from raking leaves all day. This lawn sweeper will ease those troubles away. This human-powered push sweeper is capable of sweeping 16 gallons of waste in minutes.

What makes this product stand out from the rest. Is that it has a dual spinning sweep that’s perfect for floors and path walks. It has an adjustable handle and an onboard waste bag for easy use and disposal. You might want to consider this product if you’re looking for a cheap alternative for a power sweeper.


  • It’s lightweight and easy to use.
  • It’s compact and easy to store.
  • It needs no gas or electricity to operate.
  • Spare parts are easy to find.
  • Low maintenance machine.


  • It covers only a small area.
  • It can’t pick up heavy waste.
  • The bin might fall off over time.


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#3 - Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper by Brinly

best lawn sweeper - Brinly STS-427LXH 20 Cubic Feet Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper, 42-Inch

A machine that’s excellent for a huge pile of leaves and other debris is the Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper by Brinly. It’s designed to hold large amounts of debris and it can clean an area fast without any hassle. It can clean debris continuously without any delay or problem.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty lawn sweeper, then you might want to consider this awesome machine. Its height to weight ratio makes it easy for the machine to pick up leaves and it doesn’t leave anything behind.

With just a few minutes of assembly, you can now enjoy a hassle-free cleaning with no effort at all. The downside to this product is that the wheels are a bit small for its size. And in the wrong hands, the assembly time of this machine can take up to hours.


  • It’s easy to store.
  • It’s heavy-duty and easy to use.
  • It can clean a large tract of land.


  • The wheels are too small.
  • It can be hard to assemble.
  • The wheels have zero grips.


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#4 -  Pro Sweeper by Ohio Steel

best lawn sweeper -  Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper, 50"/26 cu. ft.

Easy to use and easy to assemble. If you’re looking for a lawn sweeper that can you can use every day without any issue or delay. Then the Pro Sweeper by Ohio Steel might be what you’re looking for. This sweeper is perfect for autumn when the leaves start to fall off.

It can pick up most leaves and debris without any problem. It’s easy to maintain and there are spare parts available in the market. You don’t need to worry about its quality because it is built to last and is durable.


  • It’s easy to assemble and easy to use.
  • The bag can carry a lot of debris.
  • It’s durable and sturdy.


  • The wheels are small and can be rough to use.
  • It collects small debris on the uneven surface.
  • Wheels can get stuck on branches.


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#5 - Sweeper Spiral Brush by Ohio Steel

best lawn sweeper - Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper Spiral Brush, 42"/22 cu. ft.

Another product by Ohio steel that works well with any lawn. The Sweeper Spiral Brush by Ohio Steel is a better version of the Pro Sweeper by Ohio Steel. It provides a better service than other lawn sweepers. Because it addresses the faults of other lawn sweepers.

It can run on uneven surfaces and collect debris with ease. And it has a bigger wheel compared to its predecessor. With its bigger wheels, it can pass through soil with no trouble at all. There is no problem with the assembly of the product because it’s easy to build.


  • It can collect debris even on uneven surfaces.
  • It has bigger wheels compared to other lawn sweepers.
  • It has a big capacity to carry debris.


  • Some people might find it hard to assemble.


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When it comes to the price, usage and convenience, spare parts and maintenance. The best lawn sweeper for us is the Sweeper Spiral Brush by Ohio Steel. What its predecessor lacks is what this machine makes up. With the best price for a well built and well-designed machine, this product is perfect.

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