Greetings! Care to Write a Guest Post for Us?

Thank you for taking interest in our blog. As you already know, we are a blog site that is dedicated to everything about gardening. We want to develop further our knowledge in the field of gardening. That’s why we want you to feel free and contribute to this knowledge.

If you feel that you need to tell the world about a gardening trick or secrets that you know. Feel free to write for us and share your knowledge of gardening around the world. Your expertise in gardening is what we need to move further the horizons of this blog. 

We accept articles that are related to gardening in any way. So if you have the proper knowledge and writing skills, we encourage you to join us in our mission. Share your knowledge about gardening with our readers now. 

What We’re Looking For In A Writer

  • You must have a good grasp of the English language.
  • The articles that you will write must be free from errors.
  • The subject of the article must be written within the sphere of gardening.
  • It must be well researched and original.
  • Article retyping or spinning is not allowed. 
  • Putting photos and videos is well appreciated.
  • It must not be full of unwanted links.
  • The writing style must be friendly and informative in tone. 

To properly qualify to post on our blog site, we have a set of guidelines for you to follow.

Guest Post Directions and Guidelines

  • The subject matter of the articles must be related to or written only about gardening. If you have any background or expertise on the subject matter it’s a big plus. The more interesting the topic the better, try to capture the interest of the readers.
  • We do not allow copy and paste articles that have been edited. We encourage our writers to send us a 100% unique and original article. We have means to check whether the article you sent is copied from another site. So don’t waste your time and our time by writing edited articles.
  • Gardening is a broad subject. That’s why we encourage our writers to write topics. Which includes but not limited to gardening tools and gardening facts. You can write articles based on the various tools used in gardening. As well as random facts about fruits and vegetables and how to grow them.
  • The length of the article should be at least 1000 words or more. Adding links, pictures, and videos to your article will increase its credibility. However, the sources that you will add must be credible and legally allowed to be shared. 
  • The article you will write should be clean. Meaning, it must not have been published on any other website or blog besides ours. We value integrity as well as professionalism in our blog site. Our writers should be well disciplined in this area.
  • To increase the credibility of your article, there must be at least 3-5 links to credible websites. Please do not link any website that is not related to gardening or to the topic you are writing. Never put a link that redirects to bogus websites.
  • The tone of the article should be informative, interesting, and a little bit witty. The proper format should be followed, read some of our blogs to get an idea of how we format our work. For an expert writer, a boring topic can become an interesting article.
  • Submitted articles will undergo verification and analysis of any errors or duplicates. We reserve the right to accept or reject submitted articles. We will inform you within 3-5 days if your article is good enough for us.
  • Guest post that passes our standards will be published on our blog site within 3-5 days. After such posting of the content, the blog site owns the legal right to the article. Credits will be given to the author or writer of the article.
  • Submit your articles only if you agree to all the terms, conditions, and guidelines. 

Guidelines for The Type of Articles That We Want to Publish.

  • DIY or How to do Posts

In this kind of article, you will be teaching the readers on how to do a specific task or how to build a specific thing. This is an instruction based article that needs you to instruct the readers how to do the job step-by-step. Utilizing pictures and videos will greatly improve your article.

Use a friendly tone when writing this kind of article. Let your readers know that you know how to do it and you know what you’re talking about. This is because the readers will depend on every word you write in your article.

Be cautious when giving your instructions because it’s the only thing that they follow. Explain the procedure thoroughly as if you were teaching a toddler. Use simple words so that your readers will not get confused.

  • Best X for Y Posts

In this kind of article, your job is to recommend to your readers some products or equipment in gardening. The best X for Y post gives your readers a chance to choose from the variety of product that you suggest. These products are often used in the different aspects of gardening.

Much like a review post, this format will serve as a reference guide for gardeners to buy their gear. The products that you will be presenting will vary from garden tools to soil and seeds. Don’t be afraid to explore the different gears that gardeners use.

Recommend only products that are of high quality. This type of article should be well researched. As you will be recommending various products to your readers.

  • Tips and Ideas Post

In this kind of article, your job as a writer is to educate your readers with various tips and ideas for gardening. Any tip that you may share is allowed as long as it qualifies in our list of guidelines. Random gardening knowledge is well accepted in this type of post.

Give a specific gardening topic and explain why this idea works or how the procedure works. You can also write a solution to a gardening question type of article. This way your readers will know how stuff works and how it can be done.

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