Silt vs Clay: How to Tell the Difference

Silt vs clay. To most people, these two types of soil look very similar. It is more like comparing soil versus dirt. It can be hard to differentiate one from the other. For one, both are considered fine grained. As a gardener, you need to know which soil is silt and which one is clay as it can make a big impact on plant growth. There are basic facts that can help you in identifying silt vs clay.

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13 Beautiful Plants for Clay Soil with Poor Drainage

Gardeners consider clay soil as bad for growing plants. Clay is soil that contains over 30% of fine clay particles. It is also one of the most difficult conditions to deal with. Clay is slippery and dense when wet and it turns brick solid when dry. It also packs easily, leaving no room for water or air movement. But do you know that there are plants for clay soil with poor drainage? Let’s find out some of the popular ones.

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Growing Mushrooms for Profit, Is it Feasible?

Mushrooms are considered a high-value crop and their popularity as a specialty food continue to grow over the years. Mushrooms have flavor and texture that are distinct from meat or vegetables. No wonder many people love them. With an increasing demand for these fungi, small and big-time businesses saw a good opportunity in growing mushrooms for profit.If you are considering this path, this guide is just for you.

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How to Freeze Morel Mushrooms the Right Way

Morels are a delight to many people who love eating mushrooms. They have such a unique flavor that is hard to describe. Moreover, they are versatile as you can prepare or cook them in many ways. They also complement a wide range of dishes. If you want to gather during its hunting season, it would be best to learn how to freeze Morel mushrooms so you could extend their shelf life without affecting the flavor.

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How to Store Portobello Mushrooms the Right Way

Portobellos are among the edible mushrooms that are priced for their rich flavor and aroma. They are also among the mushrooms that are easy to grow. However, if you have a good supply of these mushrooms, one of your challenges will be on how to store them and increase their shelf life. In this article, we will examine the Portobello mushrooms and how to store them the right way.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Choose the 5 Best Gardening Shoes

Gardening can be a source of serenity as it brings a person closer to nature. It spreads peace and love all around. But, being fond of gardening can be a difficult job to do considering the other way round. To make things easier and a little less messy, having the best gardening shoes can be a good option.

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