About Us

Hello! This is Ella Wilson, the founder of Tiny Plantation. You must have gone through my gardening blogs and noticed it is all about mushrooms. Yeah, my focus has been on mushrooms since a few years back when an incident happened in my backyard.

Being a busy person with family and work, I had little time to look out on smaller things around the house. My backyard was one of the places I overlooked. Out of the blue, I just came across a small corner of my backyard with some growing. Looking closely, I realized they were mushrooms. Those mushrooms looked beautiful, but I never knew how I should use them. I had previously read about some poisonous mushrooms hence I was taking extra care in handling them.

Days went by, searching for each and every detail about mushrooms when I realized I had developed much interest in them. I adored them firstly, and as time passed, I wanted to use them too. This is how I ended up creating a blogging platform which contains all essential details about mushrooms.

Right when I was going through the information of mushrooms, I came across their life cycle. It was quite interesting to read! Discovering their early stages to their final stages grasped my interest instantly. Tiny Plantation will guide you will all the essential details of a mushroom from its parts to its life cycle. Therefore, you can consider this platform as an encyclopedia of mushrooms!

As you will go through the blogs, you will find different types of mushrooms. There is a great variety of mushrooms out there. There are mushrooms which contain a lot of benefits for us. There are different kinds of nutrients in it which is why most people prefer eating mushrooms. They are rich in providing you vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

The first part of my blogging platform contains all details about mushrooms. From their types to the way they must be planted. The basics of mushrooms are also explained. It is a known fact that mushrooms in markets are quite expensive. Considering this fact, we prefer to plant it in our gardens and benefit from them in the least of costs.

The next part of my blogging space contains the tools needed to maintain your garden. Since I had not been so interested in the maintenance of my garden, I had never thought about writing on this. As time passed by that I had developed an attraction towards my plants; I planned to grab all essential tools needed for them. This was not an easy job to do! Searching for every item at a reasonable price, along with the best of features was a tiring thing to do.

Tiny Plantation is a forum which provides you with information on growing fruits and vegetables at home. It could either be on a small scale or a larger scale, the choice is yours. Fruits and vegetables like oranges, mangoes, potatoes, onion, lady finger, etc. are all catered in our blogs. Other than this, we also have mushrooms on our list.

You can check out our blogs on different kinds of mushrooms and how you can grow them. As you already know buying them from the market will be expensive, this is why we have created some ways where you can get the same type of mushroom at minimum prices. You will find different kinds of ways by which you can grow mushrooms in your garden or backyard. There are certain ways given to grow mushrooms. There are practical methods which you can adopt to get the best of results.

When we say we have got all about mushrooms, we do mean “everything”! We have learned about the life cycle of a mushroom, its parts, how much time it takes to grow and a lot more. Nothing is left out on Tiny Plantation’s platform.

As it is said that there are some mushrooms are made to be eaten, there are certain nutrients in it that benefit your body. You will witness our writers going from planting mushrooms directly on how mushrooms present an advantage to you. Given with their nutrients, you will also be told about how many calories it can give you. Furthermore, you will be advised of ways by which you can make use of edible mushrooms.

I, Ella Wilson assure you of providing every little detail and advice about mushrooms and other vegetables you could plant in your garden. Along with this, we will be giving you easy ways to maintain your garden and get the best of outcomes.