10 Metal detecting tips in the Garden that you never want to miss

Metal detecting has become a popular leisure job for many people around the world. Also, some people would like to take it as a serious job. In the beginning, you may have a lot of questions like “How should I start?”, “Where should I begin?” “Where should I look for treasure?” and the questions never end.


I am here with all my experience to answer all the questions you may have in your mind. Top 10 metal detecting tips are already on your way. You just have to be with me till the last to grab them all. Believe me, it's not that tough as you might have thought.

Metal detecting

A little story of my journey

When I started my metal detecting journey I was totally confused. I was not sure which metal detector should I pick and where should I begin my journey. I was asking different people for the suggestions but each one of them answered differently.

That made me more confused than ever. Then, I started my own research. I have learned through trial and error. Interestingly, here I am to share you what I have found out along my way.

1.Which Metal Detector Should I Pick? (Ignore if you’ve already selected one)

This is the most ambiguous part. Here’s my suggestion:

First, fix your budget. It shouldn’t be too much high as a beginner. For example, having a budget around, $100 to $250 is more than enough. However, you should afford to buy the best metal detector on your budget.

Secondly, set your purpose or goal. Ask yourself, “What do you want to find?” You might want gold, jewelry, relics or coins.

Thirdly, I recommend you to go for a branded metal detector according to your purpose. It can be a gold detector or simply a metal detector. I guess you already know the value of a brand. At least, you can expect a better machine from them.

Finally, Fisher F22 is one of the best fisher metal detectors for starters. I suggest this because it is from the famous Fisher brand from the USA. Also, it offers some high-end features. However, you can buy this or a similar kind of detector that offers almost the same features.

2.Don’t just work hard, Work Smart!

Think about a person who doesn’t have any knowledge about metal detecting. Again, think about someone who has gained some knowledge on the same topic. Now, tell me who will perform well? I know you are absolutely right.

3.Expect to Find Less but Put More Effort

It is very important to adjust your expectations at the beginning. Remember, you might not become rich overnight. But, yes, if you can hold your determination and put your best effort, you can reach to the highest point.

4.Don’t let the trash break your trust!

You must know there is more trash than treasure. So, if you encounter junks in your way don’t get disappointed. Trashes can be aluminum foils, bottle caps or anything that you don’t consider a treasure.

5.Become a historian!

Relic hunting can provide you with valuable treasures. To search for the best places, you might require taking assistance from a library or a local historian or a metal detector enthusiast.

Remember, the main intention should be identifying a place that is historically important. Because It may reward you with precious historic artifacts.

6.Hit the Right Track at the Right Time

What if you are working and people are coming one after another and asking you various questions? Would you feel happy instead of getting disappointed?

That’s why, when working in a public place like a park, try to schedule your time when the least number of people are available. It would be best to catch a time when there is no person available. You can either pick early in the morning or late in the evening.

7.Ransack after Rain

The surface gets wet after rain. The wet ground helps to find a deeper object by giving great conductivity. It also makes the surface easy to dig.

8.Keep Patience

Move slowly. I don’t think you might want to miss any valuable treasure on your way. Keep searching with patience, you will definitely hit something precious.

9.Take your time to sweep before you dig

Once you receive a signal, don’t get too excited. Take another look, take the first layer of dirt away and sweep again. If the signal gets clearer then, dig. If the signal fades away, don’t need to dig because it can be a false signal by trash.

10.Be successful but be responsible too

Always carry long bag to put everything even if it’s a trash. Once you finish digging and found something, don’t forget to fill the hole and cover it up. I hope it’s a duty for every citizen to make their country clean. What do you think?


If metal detecting is your passion then no one could bind you towards your success. Just be confident and start as soon as possible. Make sure you keep my tips in your mind. I hope these 10 metal detecting tips will be helpful on your treasure hunting journey. Let me know what do you think. Stay tuned for the latest updates. Take care and spread the goodness among people. See you again.

Guest Poster: Belayet Hossain From https://toolguider.com/

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