How to Grow Basil: Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Basil’s are excellent herbs to grow in your garden. You can use them in a lot of dishes as a spice or topping. Basil’s grow best during the summer and harvesting it is easy since you just need to remove the leaves. This guide will help you through the process of growing basils in your garden.

Growing basil needs a lot of your time and attention when it’s starting to grow. This is a common mistake that most gardeners make. In this guide, we aim to educate our readers about the different challenges that you might face. 

This guide will also include different tips and trick on how to grow basil. You might want to take note of the different tricks here if you want to grow the best basils. So, if you’re planning on growing different kinds of basils in your garden. Plan ahead and keep on reading this article for more info.


Random Facts About Basil

Before we begin, we would like to share some random facts about basil’s that will surely pique your interest. The first fact of basils is that adding a bit of basil to your dishes will bring out its best flavor. The best use for basil is to put it in your pasta dishes like pesto and pizza.

Another random fact about basil is that it grows during springtime and dies out during fall. This is due to the fact that basil is an annual spice. It can’t survive during the cold season because of its dependence on sunlight. 

Finally, basil’s can be grown alongside other crops. Like tomatoes, carrots, and eggplants. This is because basil’s take up a small portion of the soil. It also takes up a small part of the soil’s nutrients when growing. Growing basil alongside other crops will also save you some space.

How to Grow Basil - Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks to Grow Basil

To grow healthy and green basil leaves just follow these simple tips and tricks. You’ll be surprised at how well you’ll grow your basil at home with these tips. Take note that these tips are not exclusive and there are other tips that might work for you.

  • Choose the right Season

When planting your basil, the first thing that you need to do is to plant in the right season. The best season to grow basil is during spring. Spring season is the best time to grow basil because it is when the season is not too hot or cold. 

Remember that frost can kill your basil, so planting it during fall or winter is a big no. You can plant your basil during spring or summer where the sun is at its peak. Planting it during this time will give you more time to harvest your basil.

  • Make a Good Drainage

A healthy basil needs a good drainage to keep it healthy and hydrated. Basil’s need a good drainage because its usual growing season is summer. While basil prefers a hot and humid environment to grow, it still needs a lot of water to survive.

If you’re planning on planting basil in a pot, remember not to over water the pot. This is because the drainage inside of a pot is not well off compared to the soil bed. You can drill holes in your pot to improve the drainage of the water.

  • Expose it to the Sun

Exposure to the sun is very beneficial to the overall health of your basil. Basil strive for sunlight to grow properly. This is why planting your basil in a sunny area is important. Avoid placing your basil in a very shady area.

If you want to plant a lot of basil, plant it in a raised bed exposed to sunlight. If you want to grow just a minimal amount, grow it in a pot. This way you’ll have no problem looking for sunlight if you plant it in a pot.

  • Clear the Soil

When planting in general, the first thing that you need to do is to prepare the soil. To prepare the soil, all you need to do is to remove any rocks and weeds in the area. The rocks in the soil will hamper the growth of your basil.

The most important object that you need to remove from your soil is the weeds. The weeds will take away the nutrients from the soil that’s meant for your basil. So, before planting any crops, make sure that you remove any unnecessary objects from the soil.

  • Spacing

One technique that you can use on your basil is to put some spacing when planting. Spacing will allow your basil to grow properly. The nutrients from the soil will be evenly distributed to your plants if you put space. 

Spacing will also provide room for other crops to grow in your raised bed. This is because basil can be grown together with different plants. Like tomatoes and eggplants. Just make sure that the ratio of basil and the other crop is balanced. 

How to Grow Basil

Now that you know the tips and tricks to grow basil. It’s now time to discuss how to grow basils. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps to grow a healthy patch of basil. The following methods are still subject to different changes. 

  • Pre-planting Stage
How to Grow Basil - Pre-planting Stage

Before anything else, you’ll need to prepare the soil for your basil. Use organic fertilizer and a mix of compost to make your soil. Mix the compost in a way that the mixture is moist for your basil to grow.

The next step is to prepare the planting spot for your basil. Depending on the kind of method that you’ll use, you’ll need to plan ahead. You could either choose between a raised bed or a bed soil. We suggest that you make a raised bed for better results.

  • Planting Stage
how to grow basil - Planting Stage

In this stage, choose a suitable spot for your basils to grow. This includes a spot where are sufficient sunlight and proper drainage. Sunlight and drainage are important when growing basil. This is because basil relies heavily on sunlight and temperature.

In planting basil, you could either use seeds or roots depending on your taste. Either way, both options are easy to do and easy to grow. Just remember to put a little space between the basil roots and seeds so that it will grow properly.

  • Growing Stage
how to grow basil - Growing Stage

In this stage, all you need to do is to be attentive towards the needs of your basil. This includes clearing it of growing weeds and keeping the soil moist. Weeds and bugs will be your number one priority. Remove them right away if you see them growing or near your plant.

  • Harvesting Stage
how to grow basil - Harvesting Stage

The final stage in growing your own basil is the harvesting stage. In this stage, after a good 3 months of growing your basil, harvest it. Cut the leaves that are green and healthy. Once your basil has matured, you can harvest its leaves as often as you want.

Just remember to cut the healthy leaves and don’t over trim it. Watch out for the trunk of your basil when cutting the leaves. You might cut a crucial part which will kill your basil if you’re not careful.

Secrets of Planting Basil at Home


Growing basil is easy, the only tricky part is how to make it healthy and fresh. These methods of growing basil can still be improved with other techniques. Find the one that’s best for you and continue on from there. 

So, did you learn how to grow basil while reading this article? If so, please like and share this article with your fellow farmers and homeowners. Feel free to comment on what you think is the best way to grow basil. Thanks for reading and see you again!

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