What is The Best Soil to Grow Pot?

Are you looking to start growing cannabis on your own but don’t know where to start? Or have you tried planting some but can’t seem to let it grow? Well, I think you need to know the basics of growing pot first before jumping in. Know what the best soil to grow pot first before anything else.

One of the main reasons why growers can’t seem to grow cannabis at home. Is that they lack the proper knowledge in growing pot. I personally think that the main reason is that the type of soil that they use is not suited for growing pot.

That’s why before you start growing pot; you need to know where to grow them. Are you going to grow them indoors? Or outdoors? Knowing what type of environment that you’ll grow your pot in will help you decide on what kind of soil to use. Here’s what you need to consider when planting pot.


Learn The Basics of a Quality Soil

A lot of people tend to forget the basics of growing plants in general. In order to grow the best kind of pot, you’ll need to check the quality of the soil. And the factors that affect its quality are its texture. Water absorption and drainage.

  • Texture of the soil

When we talk about the texture of the soil, it means a lot more than fertilizer and nutrients. The pH level should also be checked because a soil with a high pH level will kill your pot. The ideal pH level of the soil to grow cannabis is around 6.

Usually, you can add fertilizers to your soil if it lacks or is in excess of a potential of hydrogen. Growing cannabis indoors is easier compared to outdoor growing. This is because you can control the quality of the soil better when it is in a pot.

  • Water Absorption

A soil that has good water retention could go a long way. A cannabis plant doesn’t need to drown in water in order for it to survive. Actually, excessive watering of your plant could lead to its death. That’s why the soil that you’ll use on your pot must hold enough water for it to survive.

There is premixed soil that you can buy on the market that has excellent water absorption. We recommend that you check it out before you start planting anything.

  • Drainage 

Drainage usually applies to pots which are grown outdoors. However, cannabis which is grown indoors benefits from this as well. Having a good drainage will help your plant stay hydrated and away from too much water.

Best Soil to Grow Pot Outdoors

If you’re looking to plant your pot outdoors there are a lot of premixed soil that’s being sold online. To help you choose the best soil to use, we handpicked in our opinion the best soil to grow pot outdoors. You might want to consider this product when you’re shopping online.

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No need to add anything to this mix. One bag of Kind Soil "Hot Soil" is all you need to grow your pot outdoors. This mix works well even without the help of any fertilizer or chemical. You can crow your clone or seed without any problem because the pH level is just right.

The soil is made up of 100% organic materials and it’s specially formulated for growing cannabis. The soil can bring out the best in cannabis so don’t be afraid to try different types of soil. This soil can also be used indoors; however, you must pay attention to the size of the pot that you’ll be using.

Best Soil to Grow Pot Indoors

Some people might say that. There’s no difference between growing cannabis indoors or outdoors. But that’s where they’re wrong. Growing cannabis indoors and outdoors has its own pros and cons. But the biggest difference is that. There is more control in growing indoors than outdoors.

The soil used in planting cannabis indoors has a significant effect on its growth. As compared to growing it outdoors. So, if you’re looking to grow cannabis indoors, you might want to consider this potting soil.

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Easy to use and rich in nutrients, this potting soil is one of the best when it comes to growing cannabis indoors. Specially made to grow cannabis, one bag is all you need to grow cannabis in your home.

The soil has a balanced pH level and is made purposely to support cannabis. The "Booyah!" Cannabis Growing Soil by Mighty is what you need when you’re just starting to grow your first pot. The black colored soil is proof of its quality content.

Home Grown Organic Soil

If you’re looking to make your own special brand of organic soil for your cannabis, then feel free to do so. There are a lot of guides online to help you with this, the best ingredients are fairly easy to find. You can check out this guide to learn more.

The Verdict

So what is the best soil to grow pot? Is it soil used for outdoor pots? Indoor? Or organic? For us, the best kind of soil to grow pot is the one which meets all of the criteria above. Whether it’s used for indoor or outdoor, the quality of the soil is what matters most.

The best soil to grow pot must be organic, has great texture and nutrients. It can hold sufficient amounts of liquid and has great drainage. All four of these factors must be present for it to be called as the best soil to grow pot.

Remember; if you want to grow cannabis indoors try using "Booyah!" Cannabis Growing Soil by Mighty as your soil. Use Kind Soil "Hot Soil" if you plan to plant outdoors. And check out this link if you want to learn how to grow organic soil yourself.

To recap everything you’ve read. This is what you need to look out for when looking for the best soil to grow pot. Thank you for reading, if you have any question feel free to comment below.

  • Texture of the soil
  • Water Absorption
  • Drainage

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