Special Techniques on How to Grow Cucumbers Vertically

There are two ways to grow cucumbers in your garden. The first is to grow them as a vine type plant that either crawls on the ground or on supports. This method is the more popular method of planting cucumbers. The next is the bush type method of growing them.

Between these two methods, there’s one special method of growing cucumbers. And this method is done by growing cucumbers vertically. This method of growing cucumbers has grown into popularity into recent years. 

In this article, we will be teaching you how to grow cucumbers vertically. We will also guide you on how to set up this method of planting cucumbers. As well as the different benefits that you can get by using this method. This method of growing of cucumbers is perfect for those who have a small garden. Read now to learn more.


Methods of Planting Cucumbers

Before we share to you the secrets on how to grow cucumbers vertically. Let’s first have a look on the different ways on how to grow cucumbers. There are 3 known methods of growing cucumbers. And in this part, we will discuss each method of planting cucumbers.

  • Bush Type Method

In this method of planting cucumbers, the main idea is to grow them in clusters for faster harvesting. This method works well if you have a wide area for planting cucumbers in your farm or garden. While this method is rarely used, it’s still proven to be effective.

The down side to this method of planting is that it takes up a lot of space. Growing them in bush type allows your cucumbers to grow independently. But there will be no room to grow other crops in your garden. This method is highly discouraged if you have a limited planting space.

  • Vine Type Method

In this method of planting cucumbers, the main idea is to grow them on the ground. Where they can crawl freely and grow according to their nature. Depending on the size and available space of your garden. You can grow them according to the size of your garden.

The downside to this growth is that when the cucumbers grow. It will be exposed to the soil where it can be eaten by various insects. It will also be exposed to different diseases that the soil may have. This will affect the crop and it might affect the amount of harvest that you’ll get.

  • Vertical Planting Method

This method is an improved version of the vine type method. In this method, the vines are planted in a place where there’s a support or cage. When the vines start growing, the vines will find their way up the cage. This is where the cucumber will grow and develop as time passes by.

What makes this method popular is that it’s perfect for those who have a small space for gardening. It saves space for new crops to grow because it doesn’t use much space. This is because the vines go vertically and it doesn't consume space.

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Benefits of Vertical Planting

There’s a reason why gardeners are eager to use this method of planting cucumbers. It’s because of the different benefits that you can get from using this method. Here are the most notable benefits that you can get.

  • More Space

The best thing about this method of planting is that it can save you a lot of space. This is because when you plant you cucumbers vertically, the vines will climb up. This will leave you more space on the ground to plant more crops.

  • Healthier Crops

Crops that grow above the soil are healthier as compared to those who are growing on the ground. Cucumbers especially can easily be affected by contaminations from the ground. This is why planting it vertically is the best method of growing them.

  • Better Harvest

Cucumbers that are grown vertically has a higher yield. Compared to those who are grown on the ground. This is because growing them above ground will avoid any cucumbers to rot when growing. This results to better harvest compared to those which are grown on land.

Guide to Planting Cucumbers

Special Techniques on How to Grow Cucumbers Vertically 

Now that you know why planting vertically is beneficial to your garden. It’s time to know the special techniques on how to grow cucumbers vertically. In this article, we will be discussing what you’ll need to grow cucumbers. And how to grow them properly with basic equipment and tools.

What You’ll Need

How to Grow Cucumbers Vertically 

1. The first thing that you need to do is to prepare the soil. In preparing the soil, all you need to do is to remove the unnecessary debris out of the soil. This includes your small rocks, stones, and twigs. Clearing your soil also includes removing the weeds from the soil.

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2. The next step is to make a healthy soil for your cucumber vines to grow. To do this, you’ll have to make use of fertilizers and plant food. Mix the ingredients well so that the pH level of the soil would be optimal for a cucumber to grow.

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3. After preparing the soil, the next step is to prepare the fence/support. This includes the pole support which will be the ladder of your vines. Wear your glove throughout the procedure so that you’ll be properly protected. 

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4. se the wire to tie the pole to the fence so that it will not drop to the ground. Once you finish setting up the support. You’re now ready to plant your cucumber seeds or seedlings. When your cucumber vines start growing, use the wires to tie the vines to the pole.

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5. When planting cucumbers, find a spot where the sun frequently hits. This is because cucumbers grow better when they are exposed to sunlight. So avoid shady areas so that your cucumbers will grow healthy.

6. Frequently check the vines for any bugs or parasites that may infect your garden. Use only organic sprayers when dealing with those bugs. This is to protect the quality of your cucumbers.

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7. When harvest season comes, remember to harvest all of the ripe cucumbers. This is to increase the propagation of the vines till next harvest season. 

Tips in Growing Cucumbers

During the growing stage of your cucumber. Make sure that you don’t tighten the wire that holds the plant. When you tighten the wire that connects the vine to the pole, it might kill the vine. Just loosen the hold of the wire so that the vine will not suffocate..

When the seeds start to grow, water the vines regularly to boost the growth of the plant. Growing vines prefer a well-watered soil to live and grow. Don't forget to bring it close to a sunny area for a perfect combo.

Avoid using pesticides or insecticides when treating the vines of parasites. This will affect the growth of your cucumber as well as the quality of the crop. If possible, use organic methods of clearing the bugs.

Harvest only fully grown cucumbers, this will help your vines produce more crops. Cucumber vines will keep growing if you keep on harvesting its ripe crops. 

Prepare the fence and support beforehand. Cucumber vines will no longer climb the fence and support if you put it in late. When it finally grows, remember to place the support near the vines.


There are many ways on how to grow cucumbers at home. But growing them vertically is the best method that you can try. This is because it has a lot of benefits and advantages when growing cucumbers. 

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