Grow Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a type of plant which comes in variation. There are different kinds of mushrooms available in this world, from edible mushrooms to poisonous mushrooms.

You can grow them in your gardens too. This is why we have brought a place where you can get entire information regarding mushrooms. Tiny Plantation is a benefit for people who have a keen interest in mushrooms.

As we talk about the type of mushrooms one can find, the only type is the good ones. They have benefits to give to a human body. It contains certain nutrients that are helpful for us in one way or the other.

People use edible mushrooms in various dishes, such as Chinese dishes, European dishes, and Japanese dishes. Some people do get confused with edible mushrooms and poisonous mushrooms because of which they avoid eating them. They should know the edible mushrooms hold significant benefits for them regarding their health.

Types of Mushrooms That You Can Grow At Home

Portobello Mushrooms

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This is a type of mushroom which is mostly consumed in salads, omelets, soups, etc. They are said to be very delicious. As you will go about reading this blog, you will know some tips and tricks in growing Portobello mushrooms in your garden.

Chanterelle Mushrooms

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Taste is not everything; therefore we must also put some focus on the benefit it can provide you. With Chanterelle mushrooms, a person can receive Vitamin C, D and Potassium in high amounts. You can use them in delicious dishes only if you know how to grow them correctly in your backyard.

Morel Mushrooms

how to grow morel mushrooms

As discovered before, mushrooms are quite an expensive buy hence we are trying to focus on getting our hands on some tasty mushrooms in less money. Morel mushrooms are said to be rarely found around places. It means it will require a lot of effort to buy them. Secondly, they are known to be very expensive. Would you be able to spend lots of money just on mushrooms?

Oyster Mushrooms

how to grow oyster mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are also known as Pleurotus ostreatus. It is commonly found around the world in most foods. Instead of buying Oyster mushrooms for the market, planting it in your backyard would be a much better choice. Tiny Plantations states that before you go about planting mushrooms, you must keep in mind that each type of mushroom has its own temperature to grow in. Oyster mushrooms are said to be built in natural room temperature and on a dead tree. Start taking notes!

Shiitake Mushrooms

how to grow shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are edible mushrooms one can grow in their backyards. It is very famous among Asian countries. They use this ingredient in most foods to benefit themselves with its nutrients. Tiny Plantation focuses on providing interested people to grow Shiitake mushrooms in the lowest of costs. They have discussed the Shiitake mushrooms because it has got a great taste that no one can forget. They can be added to salads or cuisines to make it the most delicious dish.

Reishi Mushrooms

growing reishi mushrooms

Reishi mushroom is known as the mushroom of immortality. It offers many health benefits to people. It helps fight cancer. It also helps prevent other common illnesses. Growing Reishi mushrooms is a perfect solution if you want to enjoy the benefits of this mushroom. In this guide, we will show you how to grow this mushroom.

Other ways to grow mushrooms

Growing Mushrooms From Spores

how to grow mushrooms from spores

A common way to grow mushrooms is from spores. Here, you will find some active steps leading you towards the best of outcomes. It involves mixing, sterilizing, decontamination, cultivation and what not. Prepare your equipment while reading this blog so you will get the best result.

Growing Mushrooms in Coffee

growing mushrooms in coffee grounds at no cost

Mushrooms typically grow in the wild. But with their increasing popularity, many people are finding alternative ways to grow them. One way is with the use of coffee grounds. Growing mushrooms in coffee grounds is an easy and inexpensive process. More often, it will not cost you anything at all. This article will tell you how

Common Questions 

How Long Does It Take To Grow Mushrooms?

how long does it take to grow mushrooms

Most of you people must have so many questions in your mind. The common one would be about the amount of time they will take to grow up. As you will read through our blogs, you will get to know that each type of mushroom has their own growing time. You will have to provide them with best living conditions, so nothing causes any hindrance.

How Many Calories In Mushrooms ?

how many calories in mushrooms

You should know mushrooms contain the nutrient Vitamin D in abundance. It is important for your body because it enhances your metabolism along with your immune system.

There is a majority of people who take special care of their calorie intake. So, we have put our focus on letting you know about how much calories you are taking in with mushrooms. It is important to know that every mushroom has its own level of benefit. The nutrients it contains vary from each type of mushroom.

Edible Mushrooms That Grow On Trees?

endible mushrooms that grow on trees

Now that you have developed so much interest in mushrooms and gardening, you must be aware that an edible mushroom has a lot to give you. It has so many advantages regarding your health. You will be guided to the right way of consuming mushrooms in your meals.

How Do Mushrooms Grow?

Mushroom life cycle

mushroom life cycle

Growing different mushrooms in your garden are not all that you need to know. If you have developed enough interest in gardening then you must be aware of each detail about your plant. Considering this fact, Tiny Plantation educates you about the life cycle of a mushroom. From its growth to its death, everything is being covered by them. You will be guided to the parts of a mushroom. It is beautiful to know the nature on how a mushroom grows and gradually moves up to the point where it dies.