How to Grow Shiitake Mushrooms in Just $5?

One of the best medicinal ingredients used by people in the Asian continent is Shiitake Mushrooms. The shiitake mushrooms are grown with fewer nutrients (in sawdust rather than logs). These are commonly available in the supermarkets nowadays.

Many experts suggest getting proper doses of the vitamin through the shiitake mushroom (grown under the sunlight). Many of us can't resist without the superior taste of this mushroom that remains highest in demand in Japan. In the Japanese supermarkets, the cost of one pound shiitake mushroom starts with 40 USD.


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The exceptional flavor and unique kind of softness in this mushroom can make it a perfect addition to your daily diet (based on salads). It also gives a tempting flavor if cooked with chicken.

In short, there are various ways to use shiitake mushrooms from adding into the medicines to cook the yummiest recipes. The simple to-be-shared method for growing shiitake mushroom seems quite workable. You only need to spend less than 5 dollars to take home some useful equipment and things (required to raise it).

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Things to Have for Growing Shiitake Mushrooms

The common term used for cultivation of mushrooms is known as fungi culture. It is the Method related to the production of products, medicine, and food. The things you need to have for the growth of shiitake mushroom are mentioned here.

The Material and Equipment

  • A brush of paint.
  • A heat source or a camping stove.
  • Cheese wax/ beeswax or trade wax.
  • A Hammer or a rubber mallet.
  • A Multipurpose high power drill (should be of high speed).
  • Sections of hardwood tree with bark with two recent cuts.
  • Inoculated lumps of shiitake mushrooms (100 in number).

How To Grow Shiitake Mushrooms : The Detailed Procedure

Once you collect all the supplies and materials, it is always suggested not to waste time to begin the process. A feasible Method of growing shiitake mushroom is being provided here for the proper guidance.

Step 1: Start Cutting Sections of Hardwood Tree

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You need to start with the cutting method by keeping a few points under consideration. Take a piece of hardwood that must be three to four feet long with 4 to 8 inches in diameter.

The suggested options are thick-barked hardwoods and oaks. Make sure that pine trees of softwoods don’t give desired results. The softwood does nothing except wasting your precious time.

Step 2: Time to Order Plugs of Mushroom

Let’s order your shiitake mushroom plugs once you've got your logs curing. Currently, we are using 100 plugs. Remember that you must have an adequate amount of woods in case of ordering more.

Fungi Perfecti is the appropriate method to order shiitake mushroom plugs despite having plenty of other ways. Try to give at least 15 days to let the mushroom plugs ‘rest’.

Step 3: The Holes Drilling Process

Use a power drill of 5/16 inches (with parallel rows of holes in a single log) to drill offsetting. Never try to keep the depth of each hole more than 3 to 4 inches to get the best results.

The logs need to have rows of holes that form a diamond pattern. The Length of logs that is quite simple to maneuver is 3 feet and make 50 holes in a single log.

Step 4: Insertion of Plugs into the Logs

Put the logs on newspapers or plastic by separating them into two piles of 50 plugs in a shaded area. Don’t forget to wash your hands properly. People who don't like melted wax on the ground should focus on this process.

Tap the plugs by using a hammer or plug and by inserting these into the holes. It is better to fill up the empty holes by using wax without leaving any space. It is the core step of the entire process that requires your full attention.

Step 5: Wax Melting and Application to Shiitake Logs

Heat the wax until melted on a camp stove, stove top or grill. Seal each cut end of a log correctly with the melted wax by using a cheap paint brush. It is imperative to give adequate time to seal each hole to prevent these from an attack of fungi.

The major mistake made by people during this process is to melt the wax improperly. It can be harder for you to apply thick wax and get its dried earlier. Always buy a good quality wax that must have the smooth and thin texture for melting process.

Step 6: Shiitake Logs Incubation for Six to Twelve Months

Choose a moist and shady location to place the logs. There is no need that logs touch the ground. You should never grow them under too much sunlight.

Most recommended things for entire process are concrete blocks, bricks and gray palette. Use any beatable cloth (that must have a proper passage of airflow) for covering the logs. Now, it’s your duty to give them water daily once you have the logs stored.

Some Important Tips:

During a hard week or weather with humidity, you must provide water to shiitake logs for about ten minutes after 24 hours. Also, try to water the logs twice a week for ten minutes if there is a dry climate throughout the year.

Experts never suggest watering your logs in the extremely chilled weather. Moist inside the air in the winter season provides enough supply of water to the logs. Try to follow the exact instructions.

Step 7: Initiation Method for Logs (If Ready)

The suggested period to wait and getting fruit from the shiitake logs is nine to ten months. It can be mere six months under the ideal conditions. You will have to submerge logs in water for 24 hours once you determine that these are ready for initiation process.

Water that comes straight out of the hose is the ideal choice along with other option like non-chlorinated Water. Place the logs back in an upright and shady area after 24 hours of soaking. The beautiful shiitake mushrooms will soon cover up the whole log in the end.

Finally, you have achieved it. The grown shiitake mushrooms can be used for a variety of purposes. Hard work pays off well.

Cook and Eat the Shiitake Mushrooms to Boost Vitamin D

Foods that contain vitamin D are the best addition to your diet. Such meals make stronger metabolism and immune system. All the foods with significant amounts of Vitamin D must be taken at least thrice a week. Women should consume more foods (enriched with this vitamin) as compared to the men.


All shared steps of growing shiitake mushrooms in the home would be quite helpful for you in many ways.

First of all, you would learn the in-depth method quickly and can be able to revise it.

Secondly, this expensive product can be produced at home by spending hardly 5 USD. You can find countless numbers of ways to cook delicious shiitake mushrooms. Many people consume shiitake mushrooms in raw form by adding into the salads and soups.

We believe that you won’t forget to share this helpful guide with others. It is best to let them know about the uncomplicated way of growing shiitake mushrooms at home.

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